The benefits of hiring a compliance consultant

Alchemy Theorem Inc. is a compliance and regulatory consulting firm that helps registered firms comply with their regulatory obligations.

We are a cost-effective but robust alternative, as we give firms access to qualified and experienced compliance professionals on a per-project basis, negating the need for long-term commitment or increased capital expenditure. Our customized solutions would also help you implement any required changes more efficiently, freeing up time and resources and allowing your staff to complete their day to day responsibilities sooner.

Our consultants are experienced in developing and updating policies and procedures customized to suit the unique profile of your firm, drafting processes to handle client complaints thoroughly and effectively, developing a risk-based business location audit program and schedule and helping you disseminate new regulatory notices and compliance bulletins to the relevant firm employees.

As your regulatory obligations and corresponding areas of risk increase, it is important that you choose a compliance partner that is experienced and delivers results while not duly impacting your bottom line. We truly believe that our bespoke solution will be the best for you and your firm.

Contact us now and we’ll work with you to help improve your compliance program.