Advisor Continuity Planning

An advisor spends their career building investment programs for clients to help them achieve their short and long term investment goals.  As their client ages, the advisor implements an investment strategy that is designed to provide income to clients in their retirement stage or tailor a succession plan in preparation for when the client becomes incapacitated or deceased.

With all their attention directed to servicing client needs, advisors tend to ignore their own future.   It is important for advisors to develop their own  succession plan, while continuing to service their clients.

At Alchemy Theorem, we have developed a unique program that help advisors experience a seamless transfer of their book of business to an acquiring advisor, by testing and evaluating their book of business. Our advisor continuity planning program will help advisors:

(1) understand potential compliance challenges,

(2) obtain a book valuation,

(3) find an advisor suitable to service existing and inheriting clients,

(4) determine a purchase value; and,

(5) create a strategy to successfully transition the book to the purchasing advisor.